Parents guide to choosing childcare

There a wide range of childcare solutions available to you as parents. Choosing a childcare solution can be difficult but we hope to make this a little easier with our guide to choosing childcare. Our guide shows you what to look for and which questions to ask


Clean premises

Safe Environment
This is a really good indicator to how good a childcare facility is. You should look for a clean environment (we don't mean immaculate in terms if untidy - lets be honest that wouldn't be much fun for the kids) but you should make sure it is not dirty and a place where germs could fester. Check the washing facilities and toilets for signs that they are cleaned regularly. You should look around the facility from a child's viewpoint to see if there are dangers where your child could get hurt. For example how to they verify people collecting children, what locks are in place to ensure that they can't wander off, what fire fighting facilities are in place.

Well equipped

Have a look at the amount of books, toys and play equipment available. What is the condition of it? Is there enough to go around all children? Is it appropriate for the ages of children being cared for? It is worth asking about the level of training that staff have. Ask them about qualifications etc. Requirements vary by local authority so don't assume that they will all be fully qualified. You should also ask about first aid training as well.


Happy Kids

Ask about what planned activities are undertaken. Check what the children are doing. Are they focused on learning or playing or are they just running riot?


The most important question to ask yourself is do the children look happy. The staff may try and tell you how wonderful everything is but the looks on the kids faces will rarely lie.




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