Advertising solutions for children's nurseries

Advertising your childcare business on Deals4childcare is probably one of the most efficient forms of advertising available.

You will find our prices incredibly low compared to other websites offering similar services. The Deals4childcare website enjoys fantastic search engine rankings with most of the main keywords enjoying first pages positions on many other main search engines.

Our charges start at just £20 per year for a featured listing which gives you a dedicated page giving lots of information about your childcare business.

Boosting your website's position on the major search engines

Because Deals4childcare is recognised as being one of the major childcare websites many other websites link to us. A recent review of this showed over 7,100 other pages on the internet link to Deals4childcare. Whilst some of these are other sites on the network of sites many are not.

The fact that your dedicated webpage is part of our popular site will result in it achieving good search engine positions when people search for you. If you have a website of your own it is well worth having a link in place as this will help your sites performance on the search engines.

Value for money

The basic featured page [see example] is just £20 per year which we are sure you will agree is excellent value for money considering that it is a fraction of the costs of other sites (which are often less popular). The reason for us to do this is simple, we want as many childcare businesses to become part of our site. Its in everyone’s interest to do this. The more businesses included will mean that it offers better information for our visitors. The more visitors return the more popular our site becomes and the more business you get. We would much rather have 500 sites on Deals4childcare paying £20 per year than 100 sites paying £100 per year.


We have a range of optional extras which can be purchased as part of your featured page, these are detailed below:

  • 4 photographs – you can upgrade your page to include 4 pictures of your business for just an extra £10 per year [see example]
  • Enquiry form – we will set up a custom online enquiry form that will enable your potential customers to send you a booking request via the site. The results of the form will be automatically emailed to you – This costs just £10 per year
  • Fax to email – why go to the expense of buying a fax machine when you can have one of our virtual fax numbers which turns the fax into an email attachment – FREE

We accept payment using all major credit and debit cards via Worldpay (Royal Bank of Scotlands secure online payment system), Paypal or in you prefer you can pay by cheque on invoice.

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